Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Laundry Chronicles

Ok, for all of you who read my blog. 1. Continued thanks, but 2. I made a decision to move, but my lease isn't up until August. I'll be slumming it for a bit longer. Folks have been seeing me IRL like "how's your new place," then I hit them with the perplexed face and realize I mentioned moving on the blog.

Anywho, we've discussed this at length, but it keeps coming up. I hate doing laundry. I hate the laundromat, which is why I have never lived in a place without on-site laundry, but I also hate the laundry room. I hate walking up and down the stairs to do laundry. I hate having to wait for others to get done with their laundry. I hate people waiting on me to do my laundry. I hate getting quarters. I hate the whole thing. My next domicile WILL have in-unit laundry. It's a dealbreaker from henceforth and forever more.

So one Saturday, instead of getting up at the crack of dawn to do laundry, I go in the afternoon big mistake. Way too many people down there in the middle of the day. I had 4 loads to do. I had 2 in the washer and when I get downstairs with my next 2 a woman is down there waiting for my washers to stop, so she can put her loads in. She has on blue and gold University of Michigan slippers. So I already wasn't feeling her.

She goes "do you have more to do?" I say "yep, 2 loads." She goes "oh." I was like it's going to be at least 80 minutes because these two loads have to go in the [40 minute] dryer and my next two loads do as well.

She goes "Maybe I could put a load in the wash and you could too." Have I mentioned that I hate laundry? I pretty much wait until the last possible moment to do it every single time and now she wants to prolong my torture by 65 minutes and several trips up and down the stairs?

I was trying to fix my face in such a way that didn't make her feel like I was about to punch her in the nose while simultaneously coming up with a key message that said "In what world does that make sense?" I ended up with some sort of weird one-eye squint and no words coming out of my mouth. She decided to just go across the street to our connected building which has 5 washers and dryers vs. 2.

Have I mentioned that I don't like leaving my building to do laundry? Doesn't matter if it's connected by a courtyard. That's outside.

I can't wait to get a washer and dryer in my apartment. CANNOT.WAIT!


South Loop Social Light said...

I haven't lived without in-unit washer/dryer for a while and as I continue my apartment hunt it's definitely high on the list.

hyperthetically speaking said...

Laundry ruins my Sundays, among other things (i.e. various awesome shirts). I believe we share the same sentiments...