Thursday, April 5, 2012

Fitness Update

#30for30 2011
I finished #30for#30 on Christmas 2011. It was great. I don't know if I've mentioned it on here or not, but I didn't really gain any weight over the holiday and it was a direct result of working out every single day.

When you work out like that you think twice about eating burgers or cupcakes because they make you feel queasy on the exercise machine. So I was eating protein-packed food with just enough calories to fuel me vs. indulging.

Bulldog Bootcamp

My job started an eight week bootcamp with fitness classes in the building, healthy lunch fitness presentations and stickers. I was supposed to work out 5x each week in bootcamp. I averaged about 3x. I'm happy with this, but working out 3x a week and eating like a fat person means you can run if you're being chased, but the muffin top is still inevitable.

LA Fitness

I joined LA Fitness during Bulldog Bootcamp. I was trying to get 5 stickers one week and left work too late to go to the gym in our building (it closes at 8 p.m.). So I tried to use a guest pass and they got me with the sales presentation. I really just wanted to get out of this slimy sales guy's office. I pretty much hate it because it's not a real LA Fitness. It's a Bally's that got bought out. They updated some of the machines and all of the TVs, but the locker room and customer service needs serious help. The best benefit is that I can go to other locations AND my friends have LA Fitness memberships, so I can work out with them.

#30for30 2012

Without a challenge and with a sub-par gym, I'm not really motivated to workout, so I'm put myself back on the #30for30 program. I started 30 days before my bday so that I can be fly on that day and you know to offset oldness and fatness and disease and all that. Three of my Twitter homies are doing it with me and that's phenomenal motivation. I probably need to lose about 7lbs for the summer too and an upcoming vacation in May.

Let me know if you're down for #30for30 this go round. If not, at least check in and let me know how your 2012 fitness routine is coming along.

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