Tuesday, April 17, 2012


The natural reaction when you think you're getting old, is to act like a teenager. So, I decided that I'm wearing my stomach out at my birthday party. O_O Yes, full midriff showing. o_O

I know that it's en vogue to do right now, but I have a #realissue with anyone over the age of 17 showing their stomach outside of a beach. And even then, I think people should invest in one pieces and cover ups. I wasn't raised Southern Baptist for nothing.

So three weeks before my party I decided to go on a little diet. The internet said I should cut out sugar, coffee, salt, alcohol and drink more water. You all know I love a challenge, so fine. Let's do it! I'm already exercising my tail off, but this diet is the extra mile to take me from "she looks amazing in a tank" to "WOW! She has the stomach of a teenager!"

So last week I did a jamba juice fruit and veggie smoothie each morning (That's three servings of fruits and veggies and it's not even lunch time). Salad for lunch and a sensible dinner. I'm trying to not do pasta, rice, bread... basically anything that can puff up my belly. I was going to do a cleanse, but I read up on it and I can't be in the bathrooom like that. I have a day job.

UPDATE: No sugar lasted three days, no coffee lasted four and no bread lasted five. All in all I did a good job, but I backslid to the candy bowl once, maybe twice.

This week (M-F, at least) I'm on the Special K diet, except I'm doing it with Fiber One for Breakfast and Total Raisin Bran for lunch.

Next week, who knows what kind of diet I'll think up, but I'm doing better at resisting sweets, snacks, coffee and bread than I ever have in life. It's crazy what a goal will do for weight loss.

Now I know you're thinking "when are you going to stop dieting and make healthy eating a lifestyle" and to that I say: "As soon as cupcakes stop being delicious." Please believe I'll be fattening back up for the winter. I can taste the cupcakes now...

Speaking of which, I haven't had a cupcake in a while. I've been substituting Greek yogurt and cheese sticks when I want candy and sweets. We shall see how long this lasts. If my stomach looks a mess, I may just break down and wear a whole shirt to my party. Maybe. Probably not.

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