Monday, April 9, 2012


That's my Experian credit score chief. It's up 107 points since I last checked in. Man, what a long road it's been to this point.

My goal credit score was 760 because that's what someone (can't remember sources for all the stuff I read) said my score would have to be to get the lowest possible mortgage interest rates. Now, I don't even want a mortgage.

Also, am I on crack or did the bar for credit used to be 900 and now it's 990? Perhaps my credit didn't really go up, but the bar got raised. They're saying I have a B and am in the 65th percentile. I could have sworn 800-900 was A range.

Nonetheless, please excuse me, I'm going to go get this number printed on a t-shirt. Maybe it'll help me find a husband. Probably not.

Also, let me go cancel this free trial (They got your girl for $29.95 to see all three of my credit scores. Wompers) of "look at your credit score at any time." I ain't cheap for nothing.


Unknown said...

Girl what website are you using? A score of 850 is pretty rare. I didn't even know the scale went ot 900. Don't be giving your money to some flim flam website lol.

T said...

@ Unknown, the federal government requires the three credit bureaus, Equifax, Experian and Transunion to show people their credit reports for free once a year at

That report does not include your credit score. You have to pay to see your credit score. Transunion has a program, where you pay $29.95 per month to track all three bureaus and get your credit scores. I paid for it once so I could see all three of my scores and my Equifax score is 846.

The bar for credit is 300-990, so it does, in fact, go up to and exceed 900.

South Loop Social Light said...

Congrats!!! That's amazing to hear that all of your hard work paid off. I was just sharing this post with some coworkers that are finding it inspiring :)

jerry john said...

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