Monday, March 12, 2012

Event Alert: Rock The Red

So... I had a post planned for National Women and Girl's AIDS Awareness Day. It was going to be epic and witty and a play on the Occupy Movement encouraging folks to Occupy Red Pumps. As you can see it posted with no content.

I'm so sorry, but hopefully you get a little bit of the point. Before I truly forget, please come out to the Red Pump Project "Rock the Red" fashion show, hosted by the hilarious Kim Coles.

I stole this banner from the Red Pump Website. (Don't sue me Luvvie).

And click here for more info. (I'm the fifth person from the right on the top row of VIP seats. The top of my head is fly huh? LOL!)

See you all at the show and on a sad note: I gotta put the blog on two-week hiatus to get my entire life together. I'll be back with fresh content on March 26th. :)

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