Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boston Eats

This week I have a couple of posts dedicated to my trysts in Boston. I came, I saw, I conquered. And, of course, Scott was a phenomenal host.

Here are our food choices for the weekend.

Lone Star Taco - They should really rename this place. It has NOTHING to do with the big, southern atmosphere of Texas. Their gourmet tacos are the truth and their tequila selection is top notch. I tried Mezcal for the first time... was lit for THE ENTIRE rest of the night.

Deep Ellum - This place is owned by the Lone Star Tacos Folks (and connected to it). We didn't eat here, but their drinks are amazing. I had an old fashioned for the first time. Who knew I liked Rye.

Beehive - Jazz brunch here was everything. The drinks aren't specially crafted, so go ahead and get a mimosa, but the food options (like a north African breakfast skillet) were exactly what brunch should be.

Tremont 647 - Get the catfish and substitute cheese grits. Three of my dinner dates got it and I tried to be different and get the red fish. The red fish was amazing, but the accompanying couscous was tasteless. Also, the mini desserts were just enough to indulge, but not be fat.

Paramount - This brunch spot is tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny, but that's part of the charm of it. It's menu features things like banana, caramel french toast and a crabcake BLT sandwich. If I lived in Boston, I'd hit this joint weekly. They also have a special set-up where you don't sit down until you have your food in hand and have paid for it. It looks like it won't work, because the line is so long, but they've been doing it since the 40s and when we got our food, there was magically a four-top available for us to sit and eat. GO HERE OFTEN!

Who's from Boston? Who's been to Boston? What'd I miss?

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