Friday, March 30, 2012


Club retirement is not as easy as I thought it would be. Lucky for me, my girls have formed Posh Entertainment and throw Day Parties, so I don't have to go to the club at night (meanwhile the Day Party had me so gased up that I actually went to the club at night, hence the difficulty in retiring.)

Moving on...

Using the photo below, let's play a game call where in the World is Tea and Such? Then let's play a game called wtf was I doing when this photo was snapped? LOL! Percy probably has about a million pics (from a thousand events) with folks mid-sentence (like me below), looking a true mess.

See the entire album here. #Bigups to my girls, Paris, Lesley, Kisha and Diamond for another successful event.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Boston Observations

Here are some things I noticed about Boston...

It's affluent - I only saw one homeless person the entire time I was there and I ventured around their downtown a bit. Everyone I saw roaming the streets also looked like they could have been on their way to a lunch meeting. I seriously saw no signs of poverty, impoverished living or even just hard times. Maybe it's a front, but I'm feeling like the entire city is swarming with folks who are loaded.

It's ALWAYS on camera - I feel like I've been to Boston before. That's because about a million movies I've seen focus on Boston. If you go and you've never been, it'll feel like home.

There are no revolving doors -It occurred to me that Chicagoans deal with the cold, but we don't like it. This is why we have revolving doors. We don't even want to shiver when someone comes in from the cold. Perhaps folks from Boston like the cold because I didn't see one revolving door there. Meanwhile it's 40 degrees and/or snowing and if I'm at the bar everytime a new person comes in the back of my next freezes. A city with so much history and such affluent people should invest in some weather controlled doors.

People walk around like they got an S on they chest - Apparently, by law, pedestrians always have the right of way. That's quite apparent as they walk into the street like geese in Oak Brook and people stop.

Discounting Liquor is illegal - Hence happy hour and bottomless mimosas at brunch is a no-go. A true tragedy .

People don't visit in the winter - Folks kept hitting me with the "Why are you here now? Come back in the summer"... sounds like another city I know and adore.

It's small - Boston can best be described as a great "town," but it's not really a city. It's smaller than Philly. Being from the Chicago suburbs and living in the city now it's really weird to be somewhere were EVERYTHING is less than 20 minutes away. To get from the far south suburbs to the far north suburbs in the Chi could take you two hours in no traffic, three if there's a home game that day (any team, any sport). It feels very much like a college town, which it is.

It's international - Due to Harvard and Boston College (and perhaps businesses in the area) there are SO many folks there from all over the world. It's a different type of diversity than Chicago or New York, but interesting to observe.

There's no fast food - I seriously did not see a McDonald's or a Wendy's while I was there. This would have been cool if I wasn't drinking so much. I've never wanted fries so bad in muh life. We ate at Pinocchio's pizza one night. That's how bad it was. I guess affluence and McDonald's don't mix unless you have stock in the company... maybe. I don't know.

Did I miss any other Boston observations?

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Don't Go Here: Toro

Let me tell you about a place we DIDN'T go...

Toro. This wack sauce establishment was billed as the best brunch in Boston. We roll at about 2 p.m. on a Saturday. They're closed. The staff is having a meeting. They tell us they only do brunch on Sunday. Word.

We come back at about 2 p.m. on Sunday. They're open... for a Mardi Gras party. Nevermind the fact that Mardi Gras was over TWO WEEKS PRIOR, but it costs $50 to get in plus a cash bar... WHO SPENDS $50 ON LUNCH without even drinking? Please tell me.

Also, the lady recognized that we came the day prior and says the four of us can get in for $150. WHO SPENDS $37.50 + tax on lunch WITH NO LIQUOR? Duffy's Chicago. $22.95... all you can eat and drink (well, at least it used to be... I digress). Perhaps as the ENTIRE staff of the place was assembled for a meeting it would occur to SOMEONE to say "we only have brunch on Sundays... BUT, not tomorrow." I name them team Goof Troop.

So yeah, don't go to Toro. Their hours suck. Their customer service sucks. Their prices suck. I can't imagine the food was that much better. But if you must... just phone first.

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Boston Eats

This week I have a couple of posts dedicated to my trysts in Boston. I came, I saw, I conquered. And, of course, Scott was a phenomenal host.

Here are our food choices for the weekend.

Lone Star Taco - They should really rename this place. It has NOTHING to do with the big, southern atmosphere of Texas. Their gourmet tacos are the truth and their tequila selection is top notch. I tried Mezcal for the first time... was lit for THE ENTIRE rest of the night.

Deep Ellum - This place is owned by the Lone Star Tacos Folks (and connected to it). We didn't eat here, but their drinks are amazing. I had an old fashioned for the first time. Who knew I liked Rye.

Beehive - Jazz brunch here was everything. The drinks aren't specially crafted, so go ahead and get a mimosa, but the food options (like a north African breakfast skillet) were exactly what brunch should be.

Tremont 647 - Get the catfish and substitute cheese grits. Three of my dinner dates got it and I tried to be different and get the red fish. The red fish was amazing, but the accompanying couscous was tasteless. Also, the mini desserts were just enough to indulge, but not be fat.

Paramount - This brunch spot is tiny. Tiny, tiny, tiny, but that's part of the charm of it. It's menu features things like banana, caramel french toast and a crabcake BLT sandwich. If I lived in Boston, I'd hit this joint weekly. They also have a special set-up where you don't sit down until you have your food in hand and have paid for it. It looks like it won't work, because the line is so long, but they've been doing it since the 40s and when we got our food, there was magically a four-top available for us to sit and eat. GO HERE OFTEN!

Who's from Boston? Who's been to Boston? What'd I miss?

Monday, March 26, 2012

Stereotypes Kill

On March 8th I saw the story about Trayvon Martin on Yahoo! News for the first time. I immediately Tweeted the following:

17 yr old went out 4 Skittles, killed by a neighborhood watch captain: Tired of crying over news. !

1 person RTed me.

At the time I thought it had just happened. I thought that his murderer would have been locked under the jail within a week's time. But he was murdered on February 26th, 12 days prior to when I saw the story... damn near two weeks and not only was I just hearing about it, but there was no justice for the unarmed CHILD.

Fast forward to March 22nd. The nation is in uproar. Anderson Cooper is discussing it on CNN, the #MillionHoodieMarch happened, the FBI and Department of Justice are investigating and Toure is putting his foot in his mouth trying to make light of some shit that's never been more far from funny. (I don't follow Toure, but I guess that's per usual for him.)

Two weeks after I found out, I signed the petition and changed my Facebook profile pic. I can't justify why it took me two weeks to take these small steps. Perhaps, because I REALLY and truly believe that it would have been taken care before I had to do anything else.

Pride and beauracracy are stopping the police from arresting George Zimmerman, though the Sanford, FL police chief has "temporarily" stepped down. (The committee who voted no confidence in him couldn't actually fire him for some strange reason... again beauracracy at its finest).

I'm going to be honest. I didn't want to write about this. I'm tired of talking about senseless killings. [the day after I wrote this post I broke down and ranted on Twitter thanks to a journalist that I won't name being a moron and inserting his dumbness into the conversation] I'm tired of being helpless and immediately thinking about my nieces and younger brothers everytime a young person is killed. I'm tired of talking about how tired I am and never doing any damn thing.

So I read the Black Snob's piece and the following sentence, a turning point in her piece if you ask me, stopped me in my tracks:

"But I'm sorry. I'm not going to pick up this shit anymore. It's not mine."

To me it was basically saying I don't have to accept the fuckery that is the killing of innocent people because "it happens." Fuck that! And I wholeheartedly agree.

And I think of how I've been stereotyped

Black mid-40s woman - T, you grew up in a single-parent home right? (Um... no)
White, late 20s man - T, I don't know why I keep thinking you live on the south side. You've told me several times that you live in Lincoln Park.
Indian, mid-30s Indian man - T, you went to U of I? Did you stay in FAR or PAR? (For references I stayed in Hopkins and Busey Evans)
White, mid-30s man - T, can you send me a list of the black influencers in America? (This one in particular pissed me clean off because I don't work on any clients that target African-Americans. AND he gave me no parameters. Dude, you want me to send you EVERY BLACK INFLUENCER in America... Is my last name Britanica #CmonSon. I'm not a multicultural marketer either. But I digress.)

Based on who I am: An African-American [none-of-your-business-how-old-I-am] female people have made what they think are fair assumptions about me. I wonder (and will never know) how those assumptions have contributed to or taken away from my success. Did I get a scholarship because someone thinks my background is downtrodden vs. looking at my GPA? Have a I gotten put on niche projects because they thought I couldn't handle bigger things? Have I been excluded from events that could have created opportunities for me because someone thought I lived in the wrong neighborhood?

What I do know, is while I've heard [off-base] words like aggressive and intimidating to describe me, no one has ever called me a "suspicious asshole" and taken my life because they're afraid of what a "suspicious asshole" like me might do to them or their loved ones.

I've been to gated communities before. No one followed me.

If I ever screamed for help, I'd like to think that someone would come to my rescue.

No negative attribute that anyone has stereotyped me with has ever resulted in me losing my life.

So back to the question at hand. What can I DO????? Well... for one, I can speak to black men and boys when they pass me on the street. I don't speak now because I'm just not into speaking to people randomly, not because I'm scared. But maybe if I spoke to black men, I could start a trend of people speaking to black men and they wouldn't be so scared so scared of the potential consequences of loving their "different-from-them" neighbor.

I'm going to be honest. What I just wrote is fluffy as hell. It's like I live in LaLa land thinking my small changes like speaking on the street are going to help racists be less racist. Like it's MY job to make racists stop hating.

Maybe there IS nothing I can do. Maybe because racism and bigotry are illogical, I need to stop trying to make sense out of dumb shit and just pray to God nothing like this reaches me (I know how very selfish of a prayer is that? Like who am I to be guarded and shielded from dumbness when others have to experience it).

I don't know. I didn't want to write this post, but I HAD TO write this post. I'm equally furious and sad. Equally. I wrote this whole fucking post and I still don't know.

The crazy thing is that no one knows what to do. Folks are buying Skittles and Arizona teas out the wazoo. Some dooface said to boycott those companies. Another jerk is saying to tell blacks and latinos to stop wearing hoodies. Someone ill-advised, but well-meaning group of folks are hosting a hoodies and heels party with proceeds going to the family. People are changing their Facebook photos, signing petitions, writing letters, calling the Sanford, FL PD, marching all over the country? Should I be doing all of that? None of that? Some of that?

What is the proper way to fight injustice that has nothing and everything to do with you all at the same time.

Maybe this is my place to write about, to keep the conversation going, to ask the questions.

I don't know. What are YOU going to do about Trayvon Martin?

Monday, March 12, 2012

Event Alert: Rock The Red

So... I had a post planned for National Women and Girl's AIDS Awareness Day. It was going to be epic and witty and a play on the Occupy Movement encouraging folks to Occupy Red Pumps. As you can see it posted with no content.

I'm so sorry, but hopefully you get a little bit of the point. Before I truly forget, please come out to the Red Pump Project "Rock the Red" fashion show, hosted by the hilarious Kim Coles.

I stole this banner from the Red Pump Website. (Don't sue me Luvvie).

And click here for more info. (I'm the fifth person from the right on the top row of VIP seats. The top of my head is fly huh? LOL!)

See you all at the show and on a sad note: I gotta put the blog on two-week hiatus to get my entire life together. I'll be back with fresh content on March 26th. :)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Friday, March 9, 2012

It's Friday B*&^%3$

This photo is courtesy of AntP's Facebook page. #Chitown #Drose #MVP and cheers to the freakin' weekend.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

I friggin' LOVE brunch

Can we discuss how the brunch struggle is REAL in Boston... more on that in another post.

You've seen brunch place I love in the Chi and brunch places I want to try in Chicago. Here's a mixture of the two.

10. Mercadito - The huevos rancheros with pork... um Dlish!
9. Red Canary*
8. Milk and Honey*
7. Stax - Their pancake selection is as good as their waffle selection. That NEVER happens.
6. Brunch* - Their fresh squeezed juices and lemonades are top notch. Great pototaes too. I'll be back!
5. Kanela Breakfast Club - Except for the peanut butter shake, I don't really recommend it
4. Big Jones - The menu with all of it's local items was better written than the food was seasoned. The beignets were just so-so.
3. M. Henry* - I went here finally. The food was described better on the menu than it tasted in my mouth. Good, but not great.
2. Two Sparrows*
1. Tavern on Rush* I was looking back through my brunchcapades and realized that I haven't been here yet. I'm like four years late, but whatevs. Classic places like this don't really get old. I'll go this summer.

* Denotes brunch spots I haven't hit yet. Oh, but I will. :)

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

33 down, 17 to go!!!

As you know I have a goal of visiting all 50 states. In this post in 2008, I had 19 states to go and in this post in 2010, I had 18 states to go. I'm proud to say I've added another state to the list. I visited Boston last weekend, so it's a wrap for Massachusetts.

It looks like I'm visiting 1 new state every two years vs. two new states every year, but whatev. I'm chipping at the list.

I REALLY want to visit Washington state and maybe New Mexico before the year is over. I have to figure out when to make that happen.

I have 17 more states to visit.

New Hampshire
New Mexico
North Dakota
Rhode Island
South Dakota
Washington (state)
West Virginia

Have you visited any of the states that I haven't been to? Of the states I haven't visited what's your fave and why?

Friday, March 2, 2012

All My Single Ladies... Wait.

A homegirl sent this to me... yeah, this about sums it up. Ther's a reason Say Yes to the Dress comes on on Friday nights. It's not for married women, that's for sure.