Thursday, February 23, 2012

Under the Radar Dudes

I'm going to change the name of my blog to God, Men, Money and Exercise because apparently that's all I have to talk about. I guess I talk about food and philanthropy too. Actually, Tea and Such is still quite fitting. I digress.

So much to say on this topic

When I'm out, I identify all the single men in the room. Then I identify all of the single men in the room that I'd like to put my bid in on. I've been doing the house party circuit lately, so it's usually not enough people there for me to talk to multiple folks. Don't judge me, I swear I do not have #TheThirst

So I've been to a couple of parties, met a dude [read: introduced my damn self to a dude] and he's met me before. In fact, he's met me before in a setting with the same group of people that we're currently with. I never saw him. This is embarrassing for both of us and just a tad bit baffling to me that I let a cutie slip through the cracks.

What am I looking for that I'm not seeing when I meet these guys the first time around. What did they do to make me notice them. Is this ACTUALLY a problem or am I just trippin'. I've been thinking about this and have come up with some of the reasons why this might be happening.

1. When I look a mess, I typically am not on the prowl. So I may miss a cutie pie, not paying attention.
2. If there are too cuties in any one room, sometimes I can't pick.
3. Sometimes I do pick and the guy I pick isn't interested and I've therefore lost out on the guy I didn't pick. How was I supposed to know who to pick?
4. Sometimes people just look better. I know it's not just me.

What else could it be? Am I looking for the "it" factor when I should be looking for the under the radar factor. Should I be more like men who talk to me at the gas station when I have sweats on thinking about the potential that the man could bring? (Women's brains don't work like that, but maybe I could train mine to... since I'm a [dating] anthropologist and all.)

Has this ever happened to you? Or to my married/engaged readers, when you were single were there people who you missed not paying attention?


KJ said...

An Anthropologist huh? We need a brunch date =)

I agree its hard for women to see the potential in a guy. We need him to already be where he is going to be.

Tracey Allison said...

Sidenote: I follow a blog called God, Men and Money:

You should check it out, and of course keep Tea & Such!