Friday, February 24, 2012

Put That On My Calendar

So you all know I'm extremely organized. I'm punctual. My life is scheduled to a T... no pun intended. It's who I am. I embrace it.

I mentioned scheduling sex on the blog once and it threw everyone for a loop. (Sidenote: I don't really do this, but if it makes sense for my husband and I to do, I WILL do this).

So I scheduled a phone call with a girlfriend this weekend and while it was funny to have to do that, it was absolutely necessary for us to be able to talk and it really helped to guide my day. I actually had to reschedule the call because something came up, but it was so much better to reschedule than to miss a call from a friend and not be able to catch her for another month trying to return it. I know I'm not the only busy person this has happened to.

So I was just thinking, why don't I schedule more things that are important to me? My family and friends are head and tails more important to me than work and pretty much everything else, so why wouldn't I schedule more calls with girlfriends and more appointments with my nieces?

Scheduling has worked so well in my professional and extra-curricular activities, if people are open to it, I may start scheduling things as random as phone calls on a regular basis.

What "regular" random things have you scheduled lately?

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