Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Hairy Situation

Why is it so hard to do normal things. When I first get my eyebrows arched I'm crazy about plucking every new hair that comes along, but one day... I don't know if it's a drunken night or a late night at work or a day where I have to pick between breakfast and make-up, but ONE DAY will go by that I don't pay attention to upkeep and then it's all downhill from there.

I'm writing thing because I'm currently in these streets looking like a wilderbeast about the eyebrows and it's unacceptable. This weekend I had to work and it was colder outside that it's ever been, so I just wanted to go home and drown in my I-had-to-work-on-the-weekend sorrows under a snuggly cover. I didn't want to trek across time, wait an hour to get my brows threaded KNOWING I could have been taking a nap.

Now it's a work-late week and so I can't leave work and get to the threading place before 7 p.m. when they close and I'm not about to just let anyone thread my brows. And I'm not about to attempt to do it myself and mess up the shape, it's too far gone.

So, now I must prioritize brow-threading over everything else that happens this weekend (including going to work again). Like nope, I didn't do laundry, but my brows are done. I'm extra late for church, but my brows are done. Nap... who needs naps? But my brows are done.

Do you find that random, but necessary activities completely throw off your weekly routine? Is it just me?

If you see me in these streets looking a monkey (literally) about the face, just let it pass. I'm a busy gal.

UPDATE: Can we discuss how this entire post is null & void because I left work 15 minutes early, made it to the shop by 6 and was home cooking dinner by 7. Leaving work at a decent hour really frees up some time. Still posting this because I already wrote it and I don't have anything else to write about.

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