Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Fasting and Such

I did a similar post exactly one year ago. If you can't call me anything else, you can at least call me consistent. Here's a refresher on what last month's fast was. I really enjoyed fasting this year. The most challenging fast was the 3-day liquid diet. I chose to do Tu-Th, because I had to do a Zumba class on Monday and there are free blueberry muffins in the office on Friday.

Tuesday was difficult, but not horrible. Wednesday was the worst. I was *this close* to being dizzy all day and it's not like my workload decreased because I was fasting. It was the first 5-day work week, so it was crazy busy.

I think my favorite part about fasting this time around is that I was uber-aware of how there was nothing I could do to strengthen myself. I had to fully rely on God. I'm sure if I looked up fasting, I would find out that that's what it's all about, but I don't feel like Googling Bible verses right now, just speaking from the heart.

On the days that I felt the weakest, I prayed short prayers SO often and I couldn't wait to leave work so that I could run home and pray. When have I ever RAN somewhere, just to pray. And I didn't faint, I didn't get sick while I was on the fast (I had the BGs on Friday when I started eating food again, but that's neither here nor there) and I didn't skip a beat at work.

I'm happy that I was able to be obedient to my Pastor - a man that God has called to lead and who I have decided to follow - and I know that my year will be better because of it.

How'd your January fast go?

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