Thursday, February 2, 2012

Cars and Such

Here are the top 10 reasons I'm probably not going to buy a car anytime soon.

10. It's bad for the environment (I could probably get a hybrid or electric car though and get that young tax deduction... whatever - I need 10 - this is staying)
9. Gas prices
8. There's nowhere to park for free on the northside
7. The garage prices on the northside are extra dumb stupid expensive (given my frugal lifestyle)
6. A car note would probably make me cry
5. Saving up enough money to buy a car without a car note and NOT using that money to pay my student loans and/or put a down payment on a condo would ALSO make me cry
4. I spent more money on parking and speeding tickets when I had a car than I did on gas and maintenance combined.
3. Shoveling snow off my car and warming it up in the wintertime is not my idea of a good time especially when bus tracker lets me know EXACTLY when I need to get on the already-warmed-up bus each day.
2. The CTA goes everywhere I want to be (or Pace to my mama's house)
1. I actually hate driving.

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