Friday, February 3, 2012

The Bus and Such

This post will prove that I can talk myself into or out of a bad situation at any time, since it's the exact OPPOSITE of yesterday's post. Beware of people who studied persuasion in college and change minds for a living. I'm just saying...

Here are Tea's Top 10 reasons that I should probably just buy a car.

10. I have to leave my house pretty much an hour before any event's start time, no matter where it is in the city or suburbs.
9. Express buses don't run on the weekends. This is a #realissue.
8. I can't go to the south side nearly as much as I'd like without a car and I generally miss out on most of the impromptu gatherings.
7. Similar, but not identical to #8... I don't participate in ministry at any church including my own because I'm always concerned with how I'm going to get home from 43rd and hood or 78th and ratchet when the meetings are over. I actually just signed up for the marketing ministry for the Temple Project. YAY for ministry.
6. I don't spend as much time with my family in the 'burbs because, while it's doable, it can be a hassle to get to and from. I'd also go pick my nieces up more if I had a whip.
5. I am generally just always ready to go, but most of the time I have to wait on my ride.
4. I could repay the favor by taking my friends home for all the times they've taken me home. (Clearly it's not a favor though. I haven't had a car in years, I could never catch up).
3. It would give Marques a better understanding of my life. He doesn't understand how I take the CTA everywhere.
2. How I'm getting to the airport for personal trip would be a problem solved
1. Lowkey all the money I spend on Avis, Zipcar and cabs could EASILY be parlayed into a low monthly car payment given my good credit rating and all. MM HM.

I wish someone would just hurry up and figure out teleporting.

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