Monday, January 16, 2012

Why You Mad?

Bring it in folks. It's group hug time.

On January 6th, Beyonce and Jay-Z welcomed Blue Ivy Carter into the world. Man, I was geeked. Excited. Ecstatic. Overjoyed.

THEN Jay-Z dropped a tracked about Blue. Man, I was touched. Happy. Humbled by how acts of God happen daily. Just over the moon.

THEN I see people hating on the name Blue Ivy.

THEN I see this on Yahoo's homepage calling Beyonce's birth demands over the top. I also saw this story saying that the $1.3 million is not true.

Finally, my Facebook timeline starts poppin' with people that I know in real life, who's company i enjoy talking about how mad they are that everyone is so happy for Beyonce and Jay-Z. They think we should talk about #realissues and/or talk about people we know in real life. (These are dumb reasons for being mad. Although Facebook and Twitter can be outlets for the revolution, in general that's not how we use them.)

So to all those people that are literally angry that the rest of us are happy, I'd just like to know Why You Mad? Your anger is clearly deeper than Jay-Z, which means it's deeper than rap. You just woke up mad and decided the rest of us being happy was too much.

Just two weeks ago your were talking about how the world is a great place because you were on vacation from work and getting ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus. I know you're not a Christian and THIS ANGRY at us being happy. I know God didn't call you to be that angry because this little baby is so LOVED. This I know.

I'm not mad at you. I want to hug you. Group hug you. )))))))))))group hugs(((((((((( Sprinkle happy dust on you or something.

My grandma called. She said if you don't have anything nice to say [about Beyonce and Jay-Z's new bundle of joy] then don't say anything at all. :-)

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