Thursday, January 26, 2012

Tea's Wintertime Dating Survival Guide

These all came out of a fail on my part to be wintertime sexy on dates. Really I'm just giving you all advice and putting it on the blog to serve as a reminder to myself.

  • Fly Socks - So a lot of people don't let you wear shoes in their house. OR it's wintertime and you can't really wear shoes in their house. OR you'd like to get a little bit snuggly and you can't really do that with shoes on. Either way, once you kick off those boots instead of the fly pedicure you MUST sport in the summer - dope socks are required. I got caught wearing some pretty basic socks and rectified this before it was too late.

  • Flat, cute boots - So he wants to take a winter stroll through the park. That's cool, but I only have super high heeled booted or midheeled boots that don't really work in snow or extreme cold. I mean, I freaked the look, but I should have had some riding boots for this very occasion. Don't be like me. Buy flat, warm, cute boots.

  • Sexy sweaters - All of my sweaters look like I'm getting ready to snuggle up by the fire at my grandma's house deep in the country, not like a chilly city girl on a date. I need some cute off the shoulder joints or an empire waist or a tunic I can wear with leggings or something, so I can look hot and sexy even though I'm cold and snuggly.

  • Cute winter headgear - My big hair is a big problem. I either have to wear earmuffs, or a headband that doesn't match my gloves or no head gear at all. If you have small hair, good for you. If not, send me some etsy designs or for cute, warm headgear. I'm out here losing trying to act like I'm warm when I know my ears are freezing.

  • An open mind - He wants to go iceskating... I say *expletive* do you know it's 2 degrees outside? GTFOHWT-ICECOLD-BS Don't be me, reconsider ice-skating, skiing, snowboarding, any of the cute cold stuff he wants to do. Winter is no reason to be stuck in the house dateless right? Right.
What other winter dating tips do you have?

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