Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Obsessed with Hair

Americans are obsessed with hair. Everyday when I open up my e-mail the first news story has to do with how a celebrity did something different with their hair.

Kim. K - She cut bangs... why the big deal?
Jennifer Anniston - So she lost a couple of inches... her hair looks EXACTLY the same.
Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez - I could just stop the post right here. Seriously?
Olivia Wilde - This was actually worth noting, she looks totally different.

If we're talking Rhianna red or Katy Perry Pink, I think that deserves a story, but these bang and bob stories have GOT to stop.

I'm guilty of it too because hair is the first thing I notice about people. I don't put any press releases out when people cut and color, but I do mention it.

So I got my hair straightened for NYE. I really just got it done so that I could get my ends clipped, so that my natural hair styles would look better. But there's a funny little side effect of straightening your hair. People are treating me SO much better. It's a crazy phenomenon. People walk past my office smiling, everyone has stopped in to say my hair is beautiful or gorgeous or amazing. No one is using words like good or nice, with the click of a flat iron, my hair has graduated to amazing.

I love the attention. I do, I do, I do, but I hope when my hair is fluffed out next week in a two-strand twist that people don't ask dumb things like "what happened to your hair" or say "oh, I like it better straight." Let me just mentally prepare myself (and my key messages) for that type of rude commentary. I know it's on the way.

Oh, I guess you guys want to see my hair straight huh? It WAS pretty fly. Here you go.

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