Monday, January 9, 2012

NLC Fast

I wrote a month's worth of posts this weekend, so I won't be dark like I was last week. Thanks to Lauren for putting a fire under me. One day, I'll update my blog's look... don't hold your breath or anything. :-)


This is my second January with New Life Covenant (NLC) and I guess Pastor Hannah calls a fast every January, because I'm pretty sure we did the same thing last year.

Here are the guidelines I'll be sticking to for the month.

Week 1 - M-F - no meat (I did that!)
Week 2 - 3 days M-F - a liquid diet (pray for me)
Week 3 - M-F - A fast of my choice. I think I'm going to do Twitter again
Week 4 - M-F - One hour of quiet time each day

This is pretty simple stuff. I heard that fellowship is doing a 21-day-pick-what-you-want fast. Is your church doing a January fast?

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Miss Ti said...

My church does a fast every year. This year we were able to choose our fast. I'm doing the Daniel Fast M-F for 21 days. Week one is done, and I'm ready for the next two. It's funny, I don't miss that many things like sweets or meats. The only thing I really miss is bread... and I really miss it! Lol...