Tuesday, January 31, 2012

I Value Brevity

I learn something new about myself everyday and it just occurred to me why certain people cook my grits at work. They're longwinded. Oh, I'm long winded in personal conversation, perhaps even on the blog, maybe I Tweet too much, but at work, your girl is efficient.

I'm efficient with times, words and face-to-face communication. People I work with, not so much. They want to talk ALL the time. Man... when are we going to get work done if we talk to each other so much. I could seriously go a full day at work without talking to another person and that would be ok with me.

Some people will say "Do you have a moment" and not pause for me to answer before breaking into his or her spiel. You must not care if I have a moment the way you are still flapping at the gums and I can't get a word in edgewise.

I imagine that the WRONG reaction is exactly what my reaction is each time: When they get done talking and I have a blank stare on my face and say "Can you e-mail me, I'm really tied up right now."

I can admit fault. I need some help in this area. Send me some books to read, some articles to check out. The book should be entitled

"How to you keep from going clean off when you value brevity and your coworker talks A LOT."


"Just e-mail me: 10 ways to feel better about people barging into your workspace unannounced"

"How to make sure pure disgust doesn't show up on your face: Tools for the Workplace"

Who's got me?

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K to the... said...

I purposely don't answer the phone when a certain coworker of mine calls because a) She's either calling to discuss a long-winded email she sent, or; b) she's calling to discuss something that she will be sending in a long-winded email.

So, I just settle for the email.