Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Christian Social Scene

So Fellowship [Missionary Baptist Church] had a comedy show with Marcus Wiley (a homie of mine from back in the day) and then they had an afterparty that had food catered, mocktails and a DJ playin' real music. We Christian kicked it!

Can I be honest with y'all though? That DJ took it just a little too far for my Baptist soul. He played she got a donk. I just sat down because I couldn't think of any Christian dances to do to that song. Oh, I could dance to that song, but not in a church setting. That's just not right.

I digress.

So the party was awesome and that same night my church, New Life Covenant, had a skate jam at the Rink. I got to thinking about all of the churches in Chicago and how we could hit the Christian social circuit and STILL be out every weekend. We wouldn't be hungover in the morning, our feet wouldn't hurt, we would get home at a decent hour, (I know I'm not the only one who has laundry and errands and cooking to do on Saturday. I need my rest.) AND best of all, we'd meet new people.

So to kick off Christian kickin' it, here's a list of some social happenings the one social happening I heard about with the young adult or singles ministries at some popular churches. my church. Can you all send me lists of what's poppin' at your church too? Let me put a disclaimer out though - I'm looking for church SOCIAL events. I already know where to worship. AND if you know there are no people under 40 or men at your church, don't send me off talmbout I should visit (so you can have company). That's not right. LOL!

New Life Covenant - February 10th - Singles Ministry Scholarship Gala at the Hyatt Regency featuring Kindred and the Family Soul

Fellowship - What do you all have crackin'?

Trinity - What do you all have crackin'?

Apostolic Faith Church (AFC) - Lauren told me about a consecration day or something... I'm going to pass on that and wait for the bowling party/skate Jam/night out at Grand Luxe, etc.

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