Thursday, December 1, 2011

World AIDS Day 2011

Each World AIDS day I try to think about what I can say that's stronger than what I said last year. Is it a statistic and ode to my nieces or just a link to what one of my fave orgs is doing. What can I say to get people reading my blog to STOP what they're doing and go get tested for HIV. What can I say to get people reading my blog to START using condoms (birth control pills do not protect against HIV)...

I guess, I have to do what's most natural to me. Just real talk. So let's talk about AIDS & HIV real quick. I read two interesting takes on prevention in the December issue of Essence.

1. Vaginal gel spiked with HIV medication tenofovir lowered women's chances of contracting HIV by 51% (from a South African study) (Tea's comments: This is empowering for women who may be harmed for asking their partners to use a condom. I wouldn't use this as an alternative to condoms.)

2. Giving HIV-negative patients medication to prevent from contracting the disease from their HIV-positive partner. It decreased chances by 63%. (Tea's comments: This is amazing to me. So many people are married to or in love with people with AIDS/HIV and sex doesn't come to a stop because someone has a disease that could potentially end your life. If you're HIV-positive and having sex, I think this is a great option for your HIV-negative partner)

So, Tea & Such readers, what do you think about these radical advances in the fight against AIDS and HIV?

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