Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Some of these are heavy. Some are light. All true.

10. Take naps for you when they're off and you have to go to work.
9. Go clean off or in on your behalf when you're too weary to do it yourself.
8. Throw dinner parties for you to meet eligible bachelors and invite random people so it won't just be a blind date with you and ol' boy.
7. Bring cookies to your office to brighten your day.
6. Say "I'm sorry that happened to you" even though they have nothing to be sorry about
5. Pray for you like they're praying for themselves and AGREE with you in Jesus' name that it will be done.
4. REFER ME TO FRIENDS THAT ARE GETTING MARRIED, so my side hustle can grow AND so I can help make their day fantabulous!!!
3. Tell you when Sprinkles just announced "50 free cupcakes"
2. Drive you home without sighing or complaining when they live on the other side of town
1. Plan fabulous birthday trips/destination weddings so you don't have to plan your own vacation (LOL!)

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Karyn Brianne said...

I love this list...All true things!