Thursday, December 22, 2011

My Life is Hilarious

So I had a windfall of money in my federal spending account. This year they were proactive and sent a note saying, you will use this money if you don't use this money. So I click on the list of things that I can buy.

It's basically a bunch of BS, if you're not sick, but then I found out you can buy condoms with it. First of all, I never knew this before, but secondly, my bad planning equals an HIV/AIDS organization's blessing.

So I go to to buy, oh, I don't know 1000 condoms. Clearly the card didn't go through. So I have to call up the FSA folks and say "Hey, I was trying to buy an item that's FSA approved, but my card will not go through." I was praying she didn't ask me what it was. As much of an adult and HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention advocate as I am, it's still weird to be like "yeah... let me get hundreds of condoms. 'Preciate ya."

Anywho, she told me there's a store that let's you get these item without submitting receipts. Tweeps, I present to you Get all the condoms you want (and cough medicine and whatever the hell else you need). Free shipping on orders over $50. Why didn't they send this info to me in the mail? Goofs.

Also, can we discuss how many people popped by my office while I was trying to buy condoms. You would have thought I was on And then I had to decide where to ship them. I know it'll be discretely packaged, but how do I explain taking home a box (or hell boxes) of condoms. You know coworkers are nosy. They're going to think I'm running a brothel.

And remind me not to leave my e-mail open next to any new boos.
Living Social - Normal.
Groupon - Normal.
Corner Bakery - Normal.
University of Illinois Alumni Association - Smart and Normal.
Sprinkles Cupcakes - Sweet and normal.
A shipment for... hundreds of condoms - all hell naw, let me leave this chic alone.

Anywho, has your charity ever been this funny? Please tell me it's not just me.

P.S. If you need some condoms... I GOT you.

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