Monday, December 5, 2011

Keepin' It Simple

Convenience runs my life. If it's not convenient, I likely won't do it. There are some fabulous companies that feed my lifestyle. I've mentioned my love for each over the course of blogging, but I'm going to put them all in the same spot.

The CTA - That's right. The oft-loathed organization simplifies my life. Between and 836-7000 I can get anywhere I need to be in the city and the close suburbs.

Zipcar - I probably need to assess if I'm wasting money on Zipcar (something like $100 a day or $10 an hour for a car). I still think I'm saving money on insurance, stickers, parking tickets, speeding tickets and all the other stuff I'd have to pay for if I had a car full time.

Avis -I'm Avis Preferred, so whether I'm traveling for business or pleasure my car is ready to go when I get there. They also have the best sales, deals and free car days. They love me. I love them back.

Peapod - I friggin' love this company. They're not a discount grocer, so I'm rarely going to "save" money even with coupons and sales with them, but hey, Trader Joe's ain't droppin' my groceries IN my kitchen. I can't complain.

Netflix - Oh people hate them and they made some marketing mistakes, but I still get excited about movies in the mail. They also know me so well based on my preferences. If they say I'm going to love a movie, I do. If they say I'm going to hate a movie, I will. I'm still #TeamNetflix (as long as my prices don't go up).

I'm trying a cleaning service this month. Hopefully, they'll be amazing and I can add them to this list. Yes, I'm getting a studio deep cleaned. #JudgeMe

What companies make your life easier? What services could you not live without?

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Unknown said...

I'm trying to increase savings and convenience usually means paying more, so there aren't many extra services I use. In fact, this month I am starting to take public transportation to work...despite having a functioning vehicle *cries* because my employer offers a stipend. This is a VERY difficult adjustment for me, as I am used to the convenience of getting up and going whenever I please. It's not beginning well, but I will try it for at least a month. Other cost-cutting things I plan to do include getting a prepaid cell phone when my contract is up (wohoo!) and nixing plans to go on vacation with my income tax refund. :'(

It's hard out here for a pimp who makes a decent salary yet isn't ballin.

I know I didn't really answer the question. I don't use too many extra services for convenience. IMO, I live a pretty basic life already. I don't have cable!