Monday, December 12, 2011

Christmas & Charity

Ok, remember this post from last year? Buying Christmas gifts was stressing me out. One of my Jewish friends told me to convert because Hannukah isn't that big of a deal and she doesn't spend a lot of money on gifts. LOL!

Anywho, I bought inexpensive, but IMO, still great gifts last year. So this year, the same issue came up. And this year it's not the case of having the money or not, it's more or less do I really want to spend my money on gifts that people may or may not use. Do I really want to set my goals back by ballin' out on Christmas and the answer is no.

So I decided that all of my gifts this year would be charitable, so not only will I be frugal, but I'll be giving to great causes. Fortunately, this idea of "giving back" while giving is not original. So I checked out a post the Fab Giver did about it a couple of years ago. I pored through those sites and found things I liked and that my gift recipients would like and was feeling pretty good about myself until I realized charity ain't cheap. Man, between the marked up prices and the shipping and handling, of the eight gifts I bought, I could only afford for one to be about charity.

BUT one is better than none (and I'm pretty charitable thoughout the year if I do say so myself), so I still feel pretty good about it.

How's your Christmas shopping going? Have you started? Are you a Scrooge this year? Are you only shopping online? Any fascinating Black Friday stories? Check in. My comment section is lonely. :P

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Tiff M said...

In a very similar position. Actually sat down to plan out my Christmas budget last night. I found a way to limit each parent to $125ish and cut my sister and her husband down to $75ish a piece.

The real "loser" this year is my niece but I just can't justify spending $200+ (like I did last year) on a 6 year old who won't (1) be able to fit the clothes in 6 months and/or (2) won't give one damn about the toys because something new will be out by February. She got cut to $75 as well.

Also, the one positive about a breakup is not having to budget for a gift for the boyfriend! Overall my Christmas budget is down over $200 from last year AND I still get to make this month's financial goals. Now THAT's a Merry Christmas :)