Saturday, December 31, 2011

2011: Year In Abridged Review

January: Brought the new year in with the fam* at dinner, a Kevin Hart Show, a house party and the club (My big brother* is a Type A event planner, LOL!). Got promoted at the gig. YAY GOD and YAY ME!!! Went to D.C. for work. Went to OKC to visit Dorian.

February: Paid off credit card 4 of 6

March: Learned how to ski in Lake Tahoe

April: Lost 10 lbs: You see it! My birthday celebration in Jamaica**

May: Tiff's wedding in Jamaica**, NYC for work, Dorian's baby shower in OKC (I missed Paris' epic bday wknd. Someone remind me to block my calendar on her bday in 2012.)

June: New York for work/play. Tallahassee to see my baby brother. Lisa's bridal shower. Donavan arrived. I love his little life!

July: Had the best.weekend.ever when @antithesis came to visit for the 4th of July. Mother-daughter Vegas trip my my mom's bff and her daughter.

August: Did day-of coordinating for my 3rd wedding!!!

September: Lisa's Wedding!!!! NOLA for the Bears game. Jenn's baby shower.

October: Paid off credit card 5 of 6. Went to Milwaukee for the NBPRS Conference. Tiff's baby shower.

November: Went to L.A. for work. Jaiden arrived!!! Celebrated 7 years with the gig. The gig moved offices. Ms. J's retirement party over Thanksgiving break.

December: I was in town all month [I think]. Nita's Bday and a madame proposition, AJ's housewarming, Celeste's MBA Graduation party, Su's housewarming, Khary's ugly sweater party, Kisha's bday brunch, good old-fashioned family time on Christmas, Mike's wedding (Yes, Big Mike).

*no blood relation.
** same event.

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K to the... said...

Man, even after seeing the pics and receiving confirmation via text message from Mike's phat auss fingers....

I still can't believe it! LOL