Friday, November 4, 2011

We Like to Party...

Party is my favorite song on Bey's new album. I actually just play it back to back to back on Saturday morning and well... Saturday nights. It's the perfect Saturday song.

Beyonce is SO FLY and her latest video Party delivers all that flyness in so many ways. First of all, you can tell that they were straight kickin' it in this video. If you know me in real life I hope you heard my voice say that. I'll say it again: *head back, fist to mouth* STRAIGHT. KICKIN' IT!

I'm never mad at a good party.

The other awesome thing about this song is that Party actually means "party" the way ego actually means "ego" in another of Bey's songs. I love Bey for that. Giving us all that sexy, but not being vulgar with it.

And since Vevo is a hater, here's the LINK to the video instead of letting me embed it like YouTube.

Last, but not least, how haute is her make-up in all the scenes. Definitely fun styles that anyone can try and there's a tutorial for Bey's eye shadow over at fashion bomb.

Did I just infuse your morning with all things fabulous or what. Um hm. You're welcome!

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