Thursday, November 10, 2011


This is one of my favorite Twitter tags. There are SO many awkward moments in life. Let me tell you about a few of them here. I decided to try Bikram yoga. I LOVE Hatha yoga and I heard that Bikram was just the very hot version of Hatha. It is not. Long story short, it's 105 degrees or pure bodily torture. It's not easy, it's not relaxing, I do not feel cool, calm and collected when it's over.

I'm a goof and did it not once, but twice. Let me tell you about some of the awkward moments from Bikram yoga.


  • When you take a night class and it smells like the ghosts of every class past

  • When an instructor corrects your pose by touching you, but you're dripping sweat. Ew!

  • When you don't know if the puddle you just slipped in is your sweat or someone else's

  • When some flamboyant man is in the front of the class, with nothing but yoga drawls on, showing off

  • When the class has to do a breathing exercise and all you can think about it hot air on your neck

  • When the instructor singles you out (happens to me in every fitness class, mainly because I'm black, but also because I do the bare minimum) and you have to give them the look of death to get them to leave you alone

  • When the classroom looks full, but someone comes and puts their mat in the itty bitty teeny weeny space RIGHT next to you (man, it's too hot to be this close. Can I breathe?)

  • When you realize the towel you paid $2 for was used by someone else at some point in life.

Needless to say all this sweating with strangers completely creeped me out and I will NOT be going back to Bikram. Next up, I may try boxing.


South Loop Social Light said...

I did 1-on-1 boxing training for about 3 months last year and loved it. I only stopped because I moved out of state, but think it's an amazing all over body workout.

b.goody said...

Now, what exactly are yoga drawls? teehee