Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Moving and Such: Part 2

So as you can see my life is all about convenience. My grocery store is walking distance from my home (for when I'm not using Peapod). If something isn't on my bus route, I'm generally not going and I just like to be *Jamie Foxx voice* comf-table.

Here's the rest of the things you need to know when moving offices to make your day go by smoothly.

5. How to use your phone. Oh, the laughs we had trying to dial into a client call on the new phones. I swear I'm college educated, but I need to press what? How do I conference someone in? Tell me again. LOL!

4. Where the cheapest and most delicious lunch spots are located. I had pasta with sauce and bread for $6 my first day venturing out. Not bad, not bad.

3. Where the supply room is located. I still haven't found it here, but it's on and poppin' when I do. Your girl loves multicolored Post-its. Hooray!

2. Which printer you print to. Self-explanatory. I never realized I printed out so much paper. Wht can I say, I do enjoy hard copies of the written word.

1. Where your friends and teammates sit. I definitely have a few more rounds around this place before I can pinpoint all of my peeps.

Did you recently start a new job or move offices? Do you have any fun tips to share?

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