Thursday, November 17, 2011

Good News For the Weekend

Ok, so we already discussed how Credit Karma is not a credit score in real life? Howsoever, I still check my Credit Karma score feverishly because:

1. It's free
2. If it went up, my real credit score probably went up
3. The site has good tools on it that show how you're doing all in one place - credit and debt wise

So... after staying the same for 6 long months (and essentially sending me clean off since my real credit score is much higher), my Credit Karma score finally went up 10 pts. *do a dance*

It still feels good and I can use all the endorphins I can get. Woot woot!

I'll be excited to check the real score whenever it's necessary. I don't want a car and buying property is becoming less and less attractive to me, so I can't think of a reason I NEED to pay to see my credit score right now. Stay tuned.

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