Thursday, October 20, 2011

Q3 Update: September

This month I skipped:

5. The Spelhouse game in D.C. despite having a free place to stay and tickets only being about $250. You know what I did with that $250 right? #MadeitRainonthemHoes*

6. Rolling to D.C. for the CBC. As you can see D.C. is calling my name. I'm ignoring the calls until 2012.

Unexpected Expenditures:

d. Everything Labor Day Weekend
e. balling clean the fuck out for no apparent reason (spa days, shopping trips, I started spending money on credit card #6 again). I am not proud of myself AT ALL.

f. Bears Game in NOLA. WE KICKED IT! Actually, believe it or not, this trip was in the budget. I did well (for one weekend out of the month)

Credit Card Update: See e above. Shit's ridiculous. Is anyone praying for me? How did I let this happen? I was so focused at the beginning of the year. I cried real tears as a paid Credit Card #4 off. I'm stuck in this silly holding pattern because I'm refusing to make sacrifices (and blaming it on my high levels of stress). Sounds like an excuse, but it's a good reason to me. I literally spent like $1500 in two weeks (and not on bills). WHO DOES THAT? I need to exercise some self control... but... I really wanted all of that stuff (this is the convo that takes place in my head daily).

**UPDATE** I wrote the sort of "I'm mad at myself update" above when I was mad at myself. As you know I've since paid off credit card #5 and so I'm not REALLY so mad at that shopping spree, but I am concerned with the lack of self control that I exhibited throughout the month.

Credit Score Update: I didn't check it this month, but last month's number is good enough for me. I have to keep finding ways to get it for free. Who works at a bank? Hollatchagurl

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