Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Q3 Update: August

In August I skipped:

3. Shopping. I really wanted some new things, but the end is so near. I decided not to just remix my closet
4. Dominican Republic with the vacation team. I went to Vegas in late July, so doing an early August trip would have been too much.

Unexpected Expenditures were:
c. Everything the weekend before Labor Day (I kicked it!)

Credit Score Update: I switched from checking my Credit Karma score to checking my Experian score. That said my credit score went up 64 points since July. *faints... let me just lay here*

Credit Card Update: I'm paid like a crazy woman on credit card #6. I left #5 maxed out, so I won't pay it off and run it up like I'm prone to do. I closed my "bonus" credit card. Even though I didn't have to pay anything on it, just having it "cost" me a lot in terms of credit score.

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