Monday, October 3, 2011

I'm Up, I'm Down

Dating is such a roller coaster. I'm trying to figure out how to take you all on this journey with me without telling all of my business.

Ok, here goes. These random thoughts represent different men, different dating seasons (I have to mix it up for anonymity's sake). Welcome to a day (week, month, year) in my mind in my dating life.

Damn, he's fine. Oh shit, he called. We're going out on Tuesday, hooray. I can't believe he bought me cupcakes, he listens, I'm in love. Ok, I'm not really in love, but I like him. Ohmigosh, he likes me too. He's coming over, oh shit, is the bathroom clean? Let me go cook dinner, lest he think I'm a corporate ladder climber who can't cook. Damn, he was supposed to be here an hour ago. I wonder if he'll stand me up. He stood me up. I wonder what happened. *insert reasonable explanation* Ok, let me stop eating this ice cream and turn Love Jones off and go figure out what I'm going to wear on this date. He's a Cleveland Browns fan... maybe I should give this more thought. He might not be the one. OMG, I'm meeting his friends, this requires new shoes. It's been three days, why hasn't he called. What did I say? I wonder if my meatloaf was off that one time. I new I should have used cornflakes instead of break crumbs. I wonder if he saw me on my other date, but he's dating other people too. We talked about this. Oh, there he is ringing my phone now. He's asked about *insert random detail that's important to my life*. He's down. I'm down. He makes me feel so comf-table. Wait, where the hell did he go?

Yeah, this bumpy ride here is a TRIP!!!

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chichi said...

It sure is a trip. Just keep being positive what is yours will surely come.