Monday, October 17, 2011

I See the Light...

At the end of the tunnel!!! Perhaps you noticed (but probably not), I didn't put up Q3 updates at the beginning of Q4, which was 15 days ago.

The good news is I PAID OFF CREDIT CARD #5 on Friday!!! All sooky sooky now. You know what that means, one more card to pay off to be credit-card-debt-free and folks, I'm going to do it.

The bad news is I had some major fails in Q3. Those fails, however, lit a fire under my butt to remind me to keep my focus on what's important (becoming credit card debt free in 2011). So while I was embarrassed to share the bad news right away (it's coming up in a few posts), I'm happy to admit that I'm not perfect [raise your hand if you didn't already know that], but I did recognize a mistake, was personally accountable for it and I took action to quickly get back on track.

So paying off credit card #6 will mean LOTS of sacrifice, lots of accountability and very few trips or outings (or dinners or happy hours or shopping) in Q4. I'm up for the challenge.

Who's proud of me?

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