Thursday, September 22, 2011

What to wear: To Watch Football

Um... I LOVE the suggestions from yesterday, so we're going to just keep this party going. And South Loop Social Light is right, I don't REALLY resemble sponge bob square pants. My calves are WAY flyer than his. LOL! No, but seriously, it's fun to take digs are yourself from time to time, lest people think you're hopelessly conceited (when you're really just normal levels of conceited).

Anywho, you [sort of] have my proportions from yesterday and/or you know me in real life. He wants to watch football either at a bar or at my house or at his house.

What do I wear and.... go!!!

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CJ said...

Hey Ms. Tea! You should definitely wear something feminine yet seasonal. How about a pair of skinny jeans with a cropped sweater with a motorcycle jacket and wedge heel booties?