Thursday, September 8, 2011

Random & Quick

I was at work so early this morning that when I got to Chik-Fil-a it was closed. Man, that's not how you start a day right there.

Further, I decided that I'm going to start using Amy as my name at places like Chik-Fil-a when they require a name. Here's what happens otherwise:

I say, they say

Ti-ee-shah, Kisha
Ti-ee-shah, Tanesha
Ti-ee-shah, Tasha
Ti, Ki
Seven, Stephen
Seven, Devin

P.S. I thought the "name" Seven was so smart because it's a number. And how could I NOT hear them call a number. When I use other names I forget what named I used and miss my food.

And while I'm on a roll, can you all do me a favor. Can you all PLEASE just name your kids some regular stuff and spell it phonetically. You do NOT understand how demoralizing it is to be a grown ass woman who is CONSTANTLY called out of her name from everyone from the Chik-Fil-A staff to coworkers she's been on teams with for MONTHS or worked with for years.

It's really quite ridiculous.


South Loop Social Light said...

I feel your pain. My name is "Ishea" pronounced "eye-sha" and I always get "ee-sha" "i-ee-sha" "eye-she-uh"... tons of stuff. Funny thing is that I will respond to all of those lol. Growing up it was so easy because my parents called me princess and my brother called me poo. lol... oh, the good ol' days.

sidebar: I've been pronouncing your name "tee-ah-sha" in my head since I've met you lol... funny.

b.goody said...

Dang it feels good to be a Brandi :)
No but seriously, I can only imagine how annoyed you get when people don't say or spell your name right. Especially folks that know you. Because let's be real, coworkers who don't take the time to spell your name correctly are just plain being rude at some point.
On the bright side- at least your name isn't Life (La-faye) like one child I know...