Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Mr. Strauss Got it Right

I did my first research paper on the history of jeans. Oh yes, even as a tot, I was pretty effing fabulous (and smart) - Mr. Levi Strauss got me a glorious A. Not only did I learn about the pioneer in denim and real purpose of rivets, but I gained a newfound appreciation for something we all take for granted.

Fast forward... light years... and here I am still confused about which jeans to buy to make my flat tush look delightful.

Well, 138 years later, Levi's still got it right. I sort of lost my damn mind in the store this weekend, but nothing I bought costs more than $80. For a girl who likes to buy Joe's jeans just because, that's not half bad.

Further, what made me go into the store is the fact that all my jeans have holes in the thighs (yes, this happens to slim chics too. I'm slim, not anorexic, my thighs DO rub together). I digress. ONE pair of jeans I've had since college, no rubbage in the thigh area... they're Levi's.

So they're affordable, high-quality, long-lasting denim, bomb customer service AND they have this new thing called Curve ID.

Slight curve - nosatal (as illustrated by the photo above)
Demi Curve - lil booty
Bold Curve - Junk in the trunk

I swear, there are plenty of options for all booty shapes and sizes. Please check them out on your next denim purchasing excursion. Ask for Beverly if you're on Michigan Ave. She was super helpful.

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South Loop Social Light said...

I've heard a few good things about this brand. I'm going to have to give them a try. I've been hooked on Gap Jeans since Luvvie had that party a few years ago. They fit is amazing and they have short lengths for me!