Thursday, September 29, 2011

Debt Free Store

You know how you go into Nordstrom and you see a pair of shoes and it puts the desire in your heart to have those shoes. Like even if you don't get those shoes at that time the seed has been planted and one day you will break down and

1. Buy those shoes
2. Buy shoes like those shoes
3. Buy a jacket at another store the same color of those shoes...

You see where I'm going with this once the desire is there and desire is what fuels action.

I wish that there was a debt-free store. I could go in there and see debt-free and then have the desire in my heart to get it.

Or a good credit score. I imagine good credit (well, I have good credit). I imagine better credit looks like like a shiny pair of news shoes. Just leathery and buttery and soft and fabulous. Oh how I wish I could see better credit in a mall and just fantasize about it the way I fantasize about thigh high boots.

I'll tell you what. One day I will be debt free AND have better credit AND buy any pair of thigh high boots I want. One day all of those things will work together. I'm laying the foundation, but right now I just wish...

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