Friday, August 26, 2011

Telling on Myself

Ok, I'm telling on myself in real time (no more waiting three months to discuss failures). So you know the CC I have that said if I use it my 4.9APR is going up to 10.0APR. I haven't used it in 3 yrs or so for that very reason. I used to carry a high balance on it, but I've almost paid it off.

Well, I just got that card in the mail. I had this rush deliver it ($20 charge, dumb ass charge). I'm out of cash and I want to hang this weekend. It's Scott's last wknd here. I have some business in the 'burbs... I need to rent a car. My little brother just got a new job and needs some new suits. I swear if it was Wednesday I'd spend cash on all this stuff, but it's Friday. 3 business days before I get paid and I'm SHAWT.

I get paid on Wednesday. I'm paying every dime that I put on that card off on Wednesday. It's on the blog, therefore it is true.

I guess breaking even in the spirit of the last weekend before Labor Day kickin' it and supporting my family is ok, right? This isn't going to set me back too far right?

Man... I hope I don't get the sudden urge to pamper myself or ball out at a local retail location with the cc hot in my pocket.

Pray for me (and check me on Monday AND Wednesday). Happy (stressed-out-about-money-again) weekend!

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