Monday, August 22, 2011

Save Me...

Enough about LinkedIn already. Let's get back to talking about money. LOL!

Please save me from the crazy thoughts I have. As I pay credit card debt down (*Tony Toni Tone voice* it feels good, yeeeeeeah), I had the bright idea to pay my student loans off. The "bright" idea is to raid my 401K, pay the stupid penalty and be completely debt free.

What good is money collecting interest if I have debt racking up higher interest. I KNOW I'm not supposed to touch my 401K though. I have to think about my retirement (40-50 years from now and such).

BUT if I have no debt, doesn't that open up my options? I already don't own anything. How free would I be if I didn't OWN or OWE anything. Real talk, I could just move overseas.

I don't know y'all, having done ZERO research and not yet consulting my financial advisor, it seems like a good idea. What say ye?

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