Wednesday, August 17, 2011

More on Linked In

This is about to be a Tea's Top 20... maybe.

11. I should have entered all of these business cards into my e-mail address book as soon as I got them. Adding stuff manually to Linked In is BORING.

12. I know [or should I say I've met] some pretty important people.

13. When you add a certain number of people Linked In makes you enter a security code every time. This is definitely getting on my nerves. I'm a real person, not a machine.

14. My goal is to have 1000 contacts by the end of the week [Read: the week I wrote this]. Y'all think I can do it?

15. I added 757 contacts in one night. I'd imaging 20-30% of them are like me and don't get on. I imagine the others will accept my requests soon. What's crazy is that I didn't even consult my Facebook friends, Twitter followers or cell phone contacts to get to that number. Just e-mail and biz cards. I imagine there will be some overlap, but I'm serious about getting to 1000. Someone said they had 900 on Twitter, so I just made up my mind that 1000 shouldn't be that hard. I'm a hilarious mess.

16. I found some more biz cards... When I add the connects I got while setting up my page to the invites I've sent, I'm up to 1050 and counting. I'm hoping as people accept my invites, they'll have more connects that I forgot about to get me to 1000. It's such an arbitrary number, but I'm competitive, so let's see if it can happen.

17. I want African Americans to stop naming themselves as CEO of stuff. How are you a CEO and you have 0 connections on Linked In? #CmonSon

18. I need a professional headshot. I have one for work, but it's like 18 hairstyles ago and before I discovered concealer #NoBueno.

19. For once in my life I'm happy that my name is spelled oddly. I dare you to go on Linked In and try to find the correct "Michael Smith" or "Lauren Jones" or something like that. A mess.

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