Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Giving Linked In a Whirl

I've been anti-Linked In for a long time. So much so that I recently closed my account. My friends told me about cool professional social media groups on there though and I've decided to give it another try. Here are 10 things I learned after re-joining Linked In.

10. I know a lot of people

9. I've met a lot of people that I actually don't know at all

8. I have privacy issues. I lowkey don't want everyone on Linked In to know what my resume says. Lowkey.

7. People are #OnToTheNextOne quick as hell. Almost all of the people I look up to add no longer work at the company they did when I met them.

6. Linked In is like the new millenium rolodex. If someone would have just explained it to me like that I would have got on sooner. Yah well.

5. I'm much more comfortable adding my friend's parents to Linked In than I am accepting their requests on Facebook.

4. Most of my friend's have jobs. :-)

3. I guess some people have their setting such that you can't send them a connection. I mean, you can't search for me on Facebook and my Twitter is locked, but having Linked In locked down makes NO sense to me...

2. People with their own companies need to make up their mind about what the name of that company should be... and stick with it.

1. I am not the only person who's not on Linked In. Or should I say who used to not be on Linked In. I tried to find a bunch of contacts and came up shawt!

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