Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Credit Scores Suck

So I've been using some credit score simulators and if I pay half of my credit card debt or ALL of my credit card debt, my score will likely only go up 8-10 points. O_O

8 to 10 points chief. I've been living like a pauper and stressing myself out for 8 to 10 points. What a waste.

Nah, nah, the truth is I don't give three damns if the score goes up or not. I just don't like credit card debt and it has to go whether it improves my score or not.

Equifax and 'nem have their foot on my damn neck though. Haters.

I need to do like these college hoes and get a sugar daddy to handle my student loans. This is a bad joke. I'm sorry. Ok, not really.

Ooh, remind me to tell y'all about a sugar daddy conversation that happened at a family bbq. A mess. A mess. A mess.

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