Monday, July 25, 2011

Vegas Survival Guide


10. Ask your concierge to put you on the guest list for the club. Makes like so much easier

9. Pack flip flops and bring a purse big enough to carry them.

8. Go to Denny's, IHOP a buffet or something. The very best time we had was watching (and participating) in ratchetry after a fun night.

7. Plank. There are so many great places to do it at

6. Get a cabana at your hotel's pool. It's SO much better than just chillin' and surprisingly affordable.

5. Sleep a lot. Forget what you heard, vacations are supposed to be relaxing. I partied all night, slept all day. AND because I was with my mom (an early riser) everytime I woke up there was breakfast in the room for me already. #WINNING!!!

4. Entertain foolishness. We ended up stepping (Chicago stepping) with these extra random dudes on the patio of Caesar's Palace (by Serendipity 3) at God knows what time at night. If we had ignored their "hey girls" we wouldn't have met such nice (and hilarious) people from the crib.

3. Go to Serendipity 3, get a Frrozen hot chocolate, watch your life change. LOL!

2. Give Vegas another chance. We stayed at the Vdara, partied at the Aria and people watched at the Cosmopolitan. 5 years ago I would have said Vegas was extra cheesy, but staying on the "new" side of the strip, I feel like it's more upscale. I may be plannin another trip there soon.


1. Forget your sunblock. It's BLAZING hot in the summertime. I was outside baking like a damn peanut butter cookie. I'd be peeling if it weren't for that healthy application of SPF 55.

Anyway, these are the Vegas cliff notes. So much more to tell you all. Lots of which, you'll have to hear from me in person. :-)

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b.goody said...

Planking? Ick! It seems soooo germy!