Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Taxes & Such

I've been doing taxes since I was 15 and except for one random year, I've ALWAYS gotten a return. It's generally a fat return too. I'm afraid that's not going to happen this year.

What I need to know from you - my smart, well-accomplished, in-the-know blog readers - is what steps can I take now to make sure I don't owe the government big bucks come April 15th, 2011. (Really it's more like February 3rd for me because I file electronically and I've never waited until the deadline because there's usually money coming back to me).

So what are your tax tips? Or what resources do you suggest I read?

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South Loop Social Light said...

The biggest break that I get comes from the interest I pay on my mortgage. I know that you're happy in your studio, but maybe you should start thinking about investing in some real estate. Once you're a homeowner you can get all types of perks for upgrading your place to be more energy efficient, etc.