Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Q2 2011: June Update

I received a financial blessing this month. Talking about pressed down, skaken together and running over. God is good. Tell a friend. Tell a stranger.

Sacrifices this month:

2) I didn't go to Miami with the boos. This will be the fourth trip [in life I think] where I had money to go and wanted to go, but skipped: PR and NYC were because of scheduling conflicts. #Allstar2011 in LA and this in Miami are because of a conscious decision to save money. I'm proud of me financially. I'm no less sad socially.

Unexpected Expenditures:
h) Ran down to Tally to see baby brother.
i) New phone (I stay losing/destroying phones)
j) Bridal Shower Gift

Credit Score Update: It's the same. Again, no news is good news.


South Loop Social Light said...

I remember you blogging about your phone a while ago... which phone did you end up buying?

T said...

Girl, I have the same Blackberry Curve I had before. I hate the browser, but love the keypad. I'm not ready to commit to a touchscreen.

South Loop Social Light said...

hahah... what's funny is that I still have my BB from 2008 and was clowned by my husband/brother-in-law the entire time we were in Chicago because they're an iPhone family. I REALLY love all that the iPhone does, but the BB curve has the keypad that keeps me coming back for more. The browser does suck... but that keypad! I don't even like the BB Bold because I feel like the keys all blend together. Happy to know I'm not the only one with that curve lol... I may just get the new curve (it's free lol), but I hate it doesn't have a camera flash.