Monday, July 11, 2011

My Dirty Little Secret

I have a dirty little money secret and it's filthy y'all. I overdraft my bank account... regularly. *gasp*

I do it almost once a quarter. I generally just call and ask them to put it back as a courtesy, but now you can only do that twice in a 12 month timeframe and I just barely made it 11 months. Oh, the horror, the absolute shame. I make more money than I've ever made before and still, I trick it off.

Not on shoes, clothes, caking, trips, bottles, waxes, mani/pedis or high-end hair color or other acceptable trick-offery. No... on bank fees. I have no excuse. I'm just ashamed.

Nevermind that $34 is usually like 2000% of what I've overdrawn.

I'm not even going to affirm that I will definitely do better. My don't-give-a-damnness won't let me care THAT much. I did, however, add bank alerts on my phone, so hopefully this will be the last time. I'm writing it down (on the blog), so I can continue to be open and honest about money and things of that nature.

No use in bullshiiting myself.

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