Wednesday, July 13, 2011

A Bedtime Story

Once upon a time a very tired diva missed her flight and encountered a gate agent who wasn't particularly helpful in getting her on the next available flight. Given the amount of money that said diva spends on flights and the amount of time she's wasted in airports (as of late) due to unhelpful gate agents the diva had what mental health hospitals would describe as just a touch, just a touch... of a nervous breakdown at the airport ticket counter.

**omits details**

After the police left and the diva got on the flight she'd originally requested to be on, the diva decided she would never fly that unhelpful airline (who unnecessarily called the police on her) ever again. The diva "collected herself" got a refund of the money that unhelpful gate agent "MISTAKENLY" charged her and donated ALL of her frequent flyer miles from said airline to CARE an organization committed to rebuilding Haiti.

Haiti got rebuilt, the diva prospered, the airline went bankrupt and she lived fabulously ever after.

The end.

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One3snapshot! said...

Dam. The police? Is it US Airways? Flying these days sucks.