Monday, June 6, 2011

Studio Decorating: Part 1

South Loop Social Light asked how do I decorate a studio. I'm not going to put up pics because my home is my zen space and while I love y'all, I can't just have the interwebs in my zen space.

I "decorated" when I moved in by making sure my furniture matched and buying a couple of pieces from Ikea.

I'll be honest, decorating isn't really my forte. My bff in Oklahoma is a genius at it. I'm just not that imaginative when it comes to home spaces. I think mainly because I don't own it.

A few of things about my home style:
  • I never paint walls in apartments.
  • I like big, comfortable furniture.
  • I'm in love with the furniture I own, which was purchased for a one bedroom apartment, but I refuse to sell it or give it away even though I've been living in studios for like four years.
I feel like most furniture that looks good in a studio will also look good in a child's room or a college dorm. And so even though I live in the space of a college dorm I like big furniture. This is just background, but since I'm struggling with what to write about lately, I'll break it up into two posts.

Tea's Tips on studio decorating coming up tomorrow.

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South Loop Social Light said...

Mmmm... funny that the 3 things you mentioned are like the biggest studio living no no's.

I've been bouncing around the possibility of studio living in the coming months and was curious as to how you made your space work. Apartment Therapy had some great spaces, but I wanted to ask someone that was actually living in the space.

Thank God for places like Ikea b/c you can find studio sized furniture... Depending on the space, I may be open to painting a wall or two to create my own little "zen" retreat...