Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Speed Dating Update

So I went to speed dating #2. It was a consolation speed dating because the first one sucked so bad. Read about that here.

This time I took a friend and we did "Tall Men Speed Dating". I'm not making this up, this is how they marketed it. The men had to be 6ft or taller. Apparently it was in high demand by the ladies.

Long story short, this one sucked too. There were 11 women and 7 men. The men weren't particularly thrilling in height or otherwise. I checked yes for 3 guys. One was an Obama fan, so I figured we'd have a lot to talk about. Another was a business man, so I figured we'd have a lot to talk about. The third was black... so I figured we'd have a lot to talk about.

The next day, no matches. So I guess they didn't feel like they'd have anything to talk about with me.

I know my lane and speed dating is not it. I was cute, I was conversational, I had a wingman (wingwoman, whatever) and yeah, nothing.

I had a strategy to check yes to every guy, so I could see who picked me, but the remaining four guys were so bad that I couldn't even check yes. There was a guy there who was like 45+ (clearly over the limit of 37 for men) and you could tell that a therapist put him up to the job. He said pretty much the same thing to every woman and it was like he was practicing for a real date. What a mess.

Anyone ever done speed dating? Did it suck for you too?

P.S. This would be really fun for a birthday or bachelorette party kick-off. You would have brunch fodder for days.

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antithesis said...

im still too much of a punk. maybe toward the end of the summer