Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Promotion Celebration

So an update to this post.

My mentor and a few of my coworkers threw me a bash at my mentor's crib. Food, drinks, people who love me and good music. It was everything a promotion celebration should be.

That's the only way I celebrated. I've actually been living a different lifestyle, if you will, since the promotion. I get my nails done more, I eat out for lunch more and when I want something I just typically buy it.

I'm so used to be frugal because I either didn't have the money or because I'm trying to save for something or pay something off.

Having the money sitting there is definitely a catalyst to spending it. I think indulging myself regularly ($10 lunches when I'm hungry, As many Groupons as I want, bottle-poppin' when I feel like it), is the best way to celebrate my accomplishments at work (and in life). I think I'm starting to live a lifestyle of celebration vs. celebrating an occasion.

I think I like that. I keep saying I think because I'm not sure if I want to be frugal for frugal's sake or if I want to spend lavishly, but within my budget. Not sure yet. Stay tuned for money updates to see how my bank account and credit card debt feels about this new lifestyle. LOL!

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